About Us

Brett Lampkin serves as company president while wife Karen juggles the office paperwork and the care of the couple’s three sons.  Lampkin Masonry is that rarity – it wasn’t handed down from father to son.  A bricklayer since 1984, Brett worked for Doug Nichols Masonry before deciding he’d like to go out on his own.  In 2001, he formed his company, married Karen, and the couple’s joint ventures were off and running.

The company’s Montgomery County location means Lampkin is forced to compete for business with an assortment of nonunion shops.  to overcome this competition, Lampkin relies on the quality of his past projects as well as the experience and training of his union bricklayers.  ”I can sell quality,” he says, while Karen adds that it’s the company’s completed products that are invaluable to the company’s success.  ”The quality of the finished home sells the next potential customer,” she says.  ”He gets the next job with quality work and professionalism.”

Lampkin’s Hermann-area location is a long way from St. Louis, the regional hub of masonry activity, but Lampkin stays up to date on industry matters through his membership in the Mason Contractors Association.  ”Joining was one of the best decisions I ever made,” he says.  ”Their resources are phenomenal and the member contractors are a great source of useful information.  It’s been a welcome asset to our company.”

Lampkin Masonry is a member of BAC – St. Louis Local #1 and the Mason Contractors Association of St. Louis.